Vacancy dreams: in Europe looking for testers Christmas fairs

Вакансія мрії: у Європі шукають тестувальників різдвяних ярмарків

A dream job for the winter holidays

If you loves to travel and have no plans for the winter holidays, it’s time to apply for the perfect dream job! The company Civitatis opened the competition for the vacancy of software tester Christmas markets in several cities of Europe.

The position under the serious title “christmas market tester” involves a trip to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest for the Christmas markets.

Every city will have to relax on the holiday markets and to write reviews. The fact that Civitatis it is a company which sells tours and promotion events to specific dates. Thanks to the help happy traveler, she plans to arrange the best deals for clients.

Varroa add that the accommodation and transfers paid by Civitatis as a nice salary for 50 euros a day. But the journey itself will run from 16 to 20 December 2019. To apply you can apply any citizen of the country at the age of 18 years before the end of this week.

Вакансія мрії: у Європі шукають тестувальників різдвяних ярмарків

In Europe looking for a tester Christmas fairs

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