Usyk won a spectacular victory against Joshua: the belts go home

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 Usyk won a spectacular victory in a battle against Joshua: the belts are going home

How was the main battle of autumn.

Ukrainian Alexander Usyk and Briton Anthony Joshua on the night of September 25-26 fought for the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO heavyweight titles. Usyk won a sensational victory and became the world champion.The boxers did without scouting in the first round. Usyk immediately turned on the maximum speed and the rivals fought for the center of the ring. The start of the fight turned out to be quite smooth.

The second round also turned out to be competitive: moreover, the Ukrainian worked as the first number. Joshua did not use the jab very well, which did not prevent Usik from breaking the distance.

The third round can definitely be 100% recorded in Usik's asset: the Ukrainian declassified his opponent and practically knocked down his left side.

As Usyk just stopped, Joshua punched sharply. In round 4, Anthony tried to regain the center of the ring and aimed to fight at medium distance. Three minutes – for the British.

Round 5 turned out to be incredible: both boxers managed to deliver several heavy punches to each other. The tendril slowed down a little when Joshua looked fresher.

In the 6th round, the boxers were less active, but in the last seconds Joshua struck a right hook. The Ukrainian resisted and was saved by the gong.

Usyk was able to intercept initiative in the next round. Alexander struck powerfully in the jaw, after which he began to pour the Briton. This time the gong helped Anthony.

Joshua was visibly aiming at the right straight line when Usyk fired in flashes. The Ukrainian boxer, like a swordsman, made injection after injection. Round 8 turned out to be fairly even.

The next round was again held in a tactical struggle. Joshua put pressure on Usyk, who responded with well-aimed punches. At the end of the round, Alexander shook Anthony with a heavy blow, but a gong sounded.

In the 10th round, the fight was fully revealed: the boxers began to pour into each other. Usyk developed a cut under his right eye, and Joshua developed severe swelling.

The Ukrainian started the 11th round powerfully, but Joshua quickly took the initiative away. The end of the round was again played better by the Ukrainian, working on two floors. Fuh!

Usyk started the final round aggressively, but quickly missed an unpleasant right straight. Joshua responded with a painful deuce. Alexander continued to pressurize and successfully carried out several good attacks. In the last seconds, the ropes saved Joshua from the knockdown! Fight of the century!

The fate of the fight was determined by the judges, who gave the victory to Usik. The Ukrainian won his 19 fight in a row in the professional ring. The Ukrainian is only the third boxer to become the world champion in cruiserweight and heavyweight.

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