USB 4 version 2.0 announced with 80 Gb/s bandwidth

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 USB 4 version 2.0 announced with 80Gbps bandwidth

The USB4 2.0 update is getting a 80Gbps USB Type-C transfer speed boost, according to the USB Promoter Group.
< br /> In addition, they promised to update the specifications of USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery, which will give an increase in throughput. Information on the new specifications may be released as early as this fall.

“Traditionally, the updated USB4 specification calls for doubling the data transfer bandwidth, bringing a higher level of functionality to the USB Type-C ecosystem. Displays, storage devices, and USB-based hubs and docking stations will benefit the most from this speed boost, — said Brad Saunders, Chairman of the USB Promoter Group

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