USA: transgender swimmer breaks records and sparks outrage

USA: transgender swimmer breaks records and sparks outrage

American swimmer Lia Thomas has broken several records in the last competition in Akron, which has caused outrage on the network. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The fact is that until recently, Lia Thomas competed as a man under the name Will. Then she “ made the transition '', underwent hormonal therapy, became a woman, and continued to compete, but already among other women.

Lia Thomas set a record in the 1500 and 500 meters, ahead of her competitors. Some of the participants lagged behind Thomas by a whole circle.

After the competition, indignation arose due to the fact that a year ago Lia Thomas was a man and is now competing with women on an equal footing. Some argue that transgender athletes have advantages over cisgender athletes, as transgender people can be taller and heavier despite hormonal therapy.

At the same time, Leah Thomas has advocates who claim that the results Thomas does not pull on the All-American record. The transgender swimmer was also supported by her trainer.

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