US stealth bomber launches stealth missile for the first time

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 American Stealth Bomber Launched Stealth Missile for the First Time< /p>

The American media reports on the successful testing of the B-2 strategic bomber, which launched the JASSM-ER cruise missile.

Both the bomber and the missile have characteristics of “stealth”.

The JASSM-ER has a range of 960 km – instead of 400 km of the base model, JASSM. The B-2 can carry 16 JASSM missiles – or 16 JASSM-ER missiles.

The B-2's capabilities are superior to those of all US opponents. The flight range of the B-2 without refueling is 11,000 kilometers. Representatives of the People's Army of China expressed particular concern about the success of the Americans.

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