US launches world's first 3D printed rocket

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 US to launch world's first 3D printed rocket < /p>

Wednesday, March 8, will see the first launch of the Terran1 light launch vehicle, with 85% of its components created using 3D printing. This was announced by the developer company Relativity Space.

It is noted that the world's first 3D-printed rocket will take off from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Launch is scheduled for 13:00 US East Coast time.

The 30-meter two-stage rocket is equipped with nine Aeon engines in the first stage and one in the second, also created using 3D printers. They use methane as fuel and liquid oxygen as an oxidizer.

If the launch is successful, Terran 1 could also be the first methane rocket to be launched into orbit.

As part of the first test launch, Terran 1 will not carry a payload. In the future, it will be able to launch up to 1250 kg into low Earth orbits. The cost of one launch is estimated at approximately $12 million

Relativity Space, based in 2015, is also developing a heavy reusable Terran R launch vehicle that will be capable of placing up to 20 tons of payload into orbit. In its design, the share of 3D-printed components will be increased to 95%. The first launch is scheduled for 2024.

The company emphasized that the use of 3D printing speeds up the construction of rockets by up to two months and significantly reduces their cost.

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