US: Israeli tanker near Oman hit by Shahed-136

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 USA: Israeli tanker hit by Shahed-136 near Oman

The drone that hit an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of Oman was Shahed-136. This information on Tuesday, November 22, was confirmed by the US Navy. Iran supplies the same model of kamikaze drones to Russia for attacks on Ukrainian cities. According to the US Fifth Fleet, he collected evidence aboard the tanker Pacific Zircon, which was hit on 15 November. The analysis was carried out at the fleet headquarters in Bahrain. The wreckage was identified as Shahed-136. “The Iranian attack on a commercial tanker passing through international waters was deliberate, flagrant and dangerous because it endangered the lives of the ship's crew and destabilized maritime security in the Middle East,” — said Vice Admiral Brad Cooper.

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