US congressmen to 'lift the veil of secrecy' on UFOs

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 U.S. Congressmen to "open the veil of secrecy" on the subject of UFOs

U.S. Congressmen wanted to reveal “one of the greatest mysteries of modern times” regarding the topic of UFOs. To this end, for the first time in decades, public hearings on UFO sightings will be held on May 17.

Speakers at the hearings will be Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ronald Maltry and Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray.

According to the head of the special committee on intelligence of the lower house of the US Congress, Democrat from the state of California Adam Schiff, there should be full transparency on this topic.

“The purpose of the hearing is to give the public an opportunity to get information about one of the greatest mysteries of modern times directly from experts in the field and leaders of the intelligence community, and with the help of truth and openness to break the false circle of excessive secrecy and speculation”, & mdash; noted the congressman.

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