US approves dye that could help fight cancer

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 US approves dye to help fight cancer< /p>

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use of a new drug, Cytalux, which makes tumor cells visible. This will make it easier for surgeons to perform operations.

Lung Cancer – one of the most dangerous cancers. Often it can be diagnosed only in the later stages, when the tumor has already spread very widely. Therefore, to detect lung cancer, they are trying to use artificial intelligence, and even dogs with their supersensitive sense of smell.

Approximately in every fifth case of the disease, the tumor remains sufficiently localized, which allows resorting to surgical intervention. The success of such operations largely depends on the accuracy with which doctors manage to remove malignant tissue. If some of them remain, the tumor may grow again, requiring a new treatment, and often a new surgical intervention.

To solve this problem, On Target Laboratories has developed a preparation of pafoalacyanin TM Cytalux. It is administered to a patient prior to surgery and binds to the folic acid receptor alpha FRα. Cancer cells produce these proteins especially actively, so they are targets for many types of anticancer therapies. The substance does not have a therapeutic effect, it only glows under the influence of infrared radiation.

Its glow can be recorded with a simple infrared camera, displaying an image on a monitor in the operating room. Cancer cells in such a picture glow brightly, unlike ordinary ones. With this in mind, surgeons remove areas of the tumor that might be missed while affecting tissue that should be preserved.

Last year, Cytalux was approved for use in ovarian cancer surgery. Then the third phase of clinical trials of the drug in lung cancer surgery was carried out. It has been shown to increase the efficiency of operations by more than 50%.

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