Uri Geller: UFO interception by Americans is a fatal mistake

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 Uri Geller: American UFO Interception - Fatal Error

Famous illusionist Uri Geller has been claiming for some time that aliens visiting Earth come with peaceful intentions, and that we are visited by representatives of different civilizations.

Therefore shoot down UFOs is a fatal mistake the US has made lately, following numerous reports of UFOs being intercepted by US planes that were seen flying over North America.

As mentioned, these UFOs were shot down following reports of Chinese balloons – spies flying over the US and other countries. The spy balloons have to be shot down, Geller explained, and the US made the mistake of not doing so when they crossed US airspace. However, “apart from the balloons, one should not underestimate the hundreds and thousands of photographs and videos of people who have seen real UFOs,” says the illusionist.

he had encounters with aliens. He posts details about them on his website and on the social media pages he manages. According to him, the prevailing view among many UFO experts, including the American writer and UFO expert Vitaly Streiber, is that a number of different alien cultures are currently visiting the Earth, most likely in the form of “clones endowed with intelligence.” – artificial creatures that look like people.

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