Uri Geller: “Our UFO Movies Will Become Reality”

Uri Geller:

The famous Israeli illusionist and hoaxer Uri Geller said in an interview that he had no doubts that aliens exist. Moreover, according to Geller, he personally saw the wreckage of the alien ship.

“I think they are studying us. I don't know what they really want, '' Geller told The Sun. The wreckage was allegedly shown to him in the 1970s by Werner von Braun, one of the founders of modern rocketry.

“I think the aliens are preparing for contact, which will take place, as in Spielberg's scenarios. It will be impressive; they will probably land on the White House lawn or somewhere else. All our fantastic films about encounters with aliens will come true, ”Geller emphasized.

Uri Geller noted that the first contact between humans and aliens is possible in 60-75 years.

Besides of this, Geller recalled videos filmed by the US Air Force and released by the Pentagon, in which UFOs were allegedly captured. According to the illusionist, the footage confirms that alien beings are not arriving to harm us.

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