Uri Geller: aliens will stop Putin

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 Uri Geller: aliens will stop Putin

The magician Uri Geller said that aliens could have prevented the Third World War with Russia by carrying out a cyber attack if the leader of the Russian Federation tried to activate a nuclear weapon.

Aliens will use advanced technology to disable RF warheads, dailystar.

“With the push of a button, we can stop traffic on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and disable radar systems. Today we can do anything with cyberspace — you can imagine what aliens are capable of,” he said.

He thinks that aliens may visit us in the next five years — and come in peace. They will land in iconic places such as the mysterious Easter Island or among the pyramids.

“If an extraterrestrial alien civilization lands here, it will not be an invasion. It will be friendly. If they were hostile to us, we would have been destroyed long ago,” he said.

Uri was brought to the CIA at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, where nuclear weapons research was being conducted. The Americans turned to him when they needed the Russians to sign the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991. He claims he used the power of his mind to convince the Russian side.

“The aliens won't let us start a nuclear war. I don't think they would have to land for this — so that Putin does not press the button. There are so many other ways,” he concluded.

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