Uranium bombardment of Serbia. The court will consider two new lawsuits against NATO

 Uranium bombardment of Serbia. Court to hear two new lawsuits against NATO

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The High Court in Belgrade will hear two new lawsuits against NATO. People who suffered during the 1999 bombings, when the North Atlantic Block dropped bombs using depleted uranium, appealed to the highest court.

According to lawyer Srdjan Aleksic, the first lawsuit was filed in January 2021 on behalf of a Yugoslav army officer with cancer.

According to him, in a week, on January 20, he will file two new claims. The lawyer added that there would be two or three lawsuits every month thereafter.

“Time and money are needed for an expert in explosives and weapons, as well as a medical examiner's report. It must be clearly shown that where the plaintiffs were located, NATO bombed with depleted uranium. It also remains to be proven that the plaintiffs' cancer was caused by radiation from NATO's uranium,” the lawyer said.

Aleksic stressed that NATO had an abundance of conventional weapons, but still used depleted uranium in Serbia. It has a long-term detrimental effect, and the population will feel the effects for millions of years to come. The lawyer called the actions of the Alliance a war crime and promised that the organization would compensate the citizens of Serbia for damages.

The first lawsuit was sent to NATO headquarters, but the lawyer has not yet received information about its receipt. But the document can be delivered to the block through its representation at the Ministry of Defense of Serbia. The law allows the High Court to issue a verdict even if Alliance does not participate in the process.

Aleksić wants to get at least 300,000 euros in compensation for damage to health for each of the victims, writes fox-24.

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