Update: Nearly 20 killed in Israeli attacks on Ash Shayrat

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 Update: About 20 people died in Israeli attacks on Ash- Shayrat

SOHR activists documented the deaths of three people, including an air defense major and lieutenant. In addition, 16 people, including officers of various ranks, were killed due to Israeli attacks on the Ash Shayrat air base.

Israeli missiles hit an ammunition depot of Iranian militants and Hezbollah in the area of ​​the Ash Shayrat airport near Homs, destroying them. This attack is the 29th in 2022.

SOHR has documented 29 airstrikes and ground-based rocket attacks since early 2022, in which Israel hit multiple positions in Syria, destroying almost 81 target, including buildings, warehouses, headquarters, centers and vehicles.

These strikes killed 62 military personnel and injured 75, as well as 23 civilians.

The following persons died:
• Two Iranian officers operating under the banner of the Al-Quds Corps;
• 10 Iranian-backed Syrian militants;
• 15 non-Syrian Iranian-backed militants;
• 29 air defense officers and soldiers;
• 6 members of the Lebanese Hezbollah
• Head of Customer Service and Airfreight and Director of Ground Handling.

By region, attacks are distributed as follows:
• Damascus and Rif-Dimashq – 17;
• El-Kuneiter – 5;
• Hama –3;
• Tartus – 2;
• Aleppo –2.

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