Up to 40 countries may boycott 2024 Olympics – Polish sports minister

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 Up to 40 countries may boycott the 2024 Olympics - Minister of Sports of Poland < /p>

Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortnichuk said that 40 countries will oppose the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris.

According to Bortnichuk, there will be a meeting on February 10 with a permanent group of about 40 ministers of sports from the countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan. At the meeting, these countries should demonstrate a “strong position”.

“It will certainly be a tough position that will be against the participation of representatives of Russia and Belarus in the Olympic Games,” Bortnichuk said.

On February 2, the Ministers of Sports of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland condemned the attempts of the International Olympic Committee to return athletes from Russia and Belarus to international competitions.

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