Unvaccinated people should pay for the treatment themselves – eXtra.cz

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Unvaccinated people should pay for the treatment themselves – eXtra.cz

Source: Martin Procházka / eXtra.cz


Although tens of thousands of people have succumbed to coronavirus in the Czech Republic, there are still many people without vaccinations. Actress and former politician Daniela Kolářová therefore suggests that people without the vaccine who end up with coronavirus in the hospital pay for hospitalization themselves. She said it on the show INTERVIEW with CNN Prima News.

The Czechia is facing another wave of the coronavirus epidemic and hospitals are gradually filling up. There are currently over 3,700 hospitalized patients with covid, of whom 855 are in serious condition. The number of unvaccinated people in particular contributes to the large increase. Currently, over 57.8 percent of Czechs have a complete vaccination, which is not enough. Many people believe that those who end up with coronavirus in the hospital and are not vaccinated should pay for the treatment themselves.

He shares this view actress Daniela Kolářováwho has already undergone the third dose. “I also listen to the vaccination debate on Radio Plus, where the doctor was Cyril Höschl and he expressed it very pregnantly. He just understands that there are some refusals of vaccination, but in that case, if it happens to them (hospitalization, editor’s note) and they go through a difficult variant of covid, then they should pay for treatment. “ The former politician said on INTERVIEW on CNN Prima News.

It’s unfair

“Our health system is based on the principle of solidarity, where we all contribute to the health system, ie we are guaranteed care, one way or another. But that’s unfair, because when people refuse to be in solidarity, they should pay for their care. “ Kolářová thinks.

The chairman of Young Practitioners sees this in a similar way Vojtech Mucha. “In my opinion, unvaccinated people who end up in the hospital due to coronavirus should at least symbolically pay for part of their stay. I’m not saying the whole thing, no one should do it, but a small part of it, “ explained for eXtra.cz Mucha.


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