Unusual minimalist office standing in a field in Canada (PHOTOS)

Modern architecture two-storey headquarters of the insurance company in a rural area near Montreal.

Canadian architects built the headquarters for an insurance company in an open field near Montreal.

The word “office” conjures up associated with the bustling town, high-rise buildings, business districts, but not with the canadian pastoral scenery of the small town of Napierville. The architects Maurice Martel Architecte, contradicting all the associations that came up with the project of the headquarters of the insurance company, rather reminiscent of a neat barn in the countryside.

The office consists of two separate volumes: one of them located working space, and the second – public areas. The two-storey building with a gable roof fit 50 rooms with excellent sound insulation. It was one of the main conditions of the customers, as employees of the insurance company you need to talk on the phone.

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The choice of this form of roof has been made not only for the sake of stylization: the architects have taken care to ensure that employees felt comfortable and the extra space under the arches of the roof gives a feeling of freedom and like makes space to breathe.

This feeling of lightness is enhanced by the minimalist décor: white walls, gray concrete floors, wood cabinets and a skylight in the ceiling.

In the second part of the office is accessed via a small glazed corridor, which serves as a “bridge” between the two blocs. The public area is still the same minimalist interior: a white tile and light wood furniture in the dining room and concrete floor contrasting with white walls.

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The lack of daylight in the office can not be, because at every step, the architects cut a window in the floor which open out to beautiful views of the tranquil rural landscape.

Bright interiors contrast with the dark tinted spruce tree, which is faced with both volume. This finish makes them stand out against the surrounding pastoral landscape. From afar, you can really make the office for farm ownership but in the same time, customers see the main advantage of such a design.


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