Unmanned tractors will be produced in the USA

The USA will start producing unmanned tractors

Leading US tractor manufacturer John Deere & amp; Co will begin commercial deliveries of technical solutions allowing the tractor to process fields without an operator in the cab.

Reuters reported.

It is reported that cameras and computers for automated soil cultivation can install on an existing tractor and cultivator in one day.

Deere's first robotic tractors will use front and rear stereo cameras and can send images of what the cameras see via a smartphone app to a farmer or equipment operator. The operator can bring the tractor to the field, swipe the smartphone screen, and the machine will start moving along the programmed trajectory.

The computer vision system of the tractor will monitor the cultivator, which knocks the stubble off the ground, using mirrors installed on it. If one of the posts hits a stone and flips over, the change in reflection from the mirror will be visible to the operator.

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