Unknown letters of the singer: He loves me, but fear that they will be called husband Zykina

Неизвестные письма певицы:  Он меня любит, но боится, что будут называть мужем Зыкиной

Unknown letters of the singer: “He loves me, but fear that they will be called husband Zykina”
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Photo: RIA “Novosti”

People’s artist told about their men close friend.

At the time, I wrote a lot about the legacy of Lyudmila Zykina. And talked with a very close friend of the singer Tatiana Gavrilova and her daughter Irina.

– Zykina toured. And tour, the band wrote their favorite men in different years they changed – confessed daughter of a friend of the singer Irina Gavrilova. – Letter to one of them, Victor, came to my mom, and she passed them on to the recipient. Zykina was hiding this relationship because her lover was married. So Lyudmila called my mom “our messenger”. Lyudmila Georgievna had four husbands (see “Personal drama”) and many novels. She is passionate in love, which helped her to create, but not without disappointments. Everyone knew about my mother: these men Zykina told her in the letters. Part of the correspondence I gave it to my sister Zykina (she died, and the letter seems lost), some give you.

…With Tatiana Gavrilova (she was the announcer, then worked as a sanatorium Director in komariv. – Ed.) the actress was introduced to Klavdiya Shulzhenko in 1960. Tatiana Mikhailovna Zykina was treated as a sister.

Today was the first time we publish excerpts from the correspondence of the singer – we will talk about the three lovers Zykina, not known to the General public.

1. Sailor Victor “Nice guy, but a lot of “but”

– Victor is not her fourth husband, Viktor Gridin, and the naval officer Viktor Vorobyev, her lover from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, – says Irina Gavrilova. – At this time, with Zykina Gridin longer lived, although they were not divorced. About Victor Vorobiev never wrote. That was her secret…

They met when Ludmila arrived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky concerts in the late 60-ies (the singer was only about 40 years. – Ed.). Handsome sailor she was given as a companion. They liked each other and started an affair. They were separated by miles and work. Victor could not permanently leave the service in the Navy. She’s been on tour. But went several times to him. He also came to Moscow. Victor is a native of Volga city, he lived there mom. And Victor wanted to introduce Zykina with her. But my mother was against their Union – believed that his son needed a wife who would be sitting at home, and that near Zykina son will ruin his career and lose yourself.

October 1969*. “Hello, dear Tanya!

My dear, sweetheart, I missed you… you Know what about Victor? I, of course, piggy towards him. He October 2, was the birth, and I was not greeted. You apologize to him for me. I would very much like to have it moved to Moscow. He’s a nice guy, but a lot of “but”. Let’s wait and see”.


Response Vorobyov: “I Am Lyudmila”

Sailor Viktor Vorobyev also wrote letters to a friend Zykina Tatiana Gavrilova, sharing her secret.


“Tanya, my dear, Hello! Thank you for being there. Thank you for coming to the station. Luda was bad, and I hated to leave her in a minute one at the station. It was attached, smiling, and I know what was going on in her soul. I really want to see her always been good to the house she firmly settled happiness. Looking forward to August 28, will meet in Donetsk.

Whole, Victor.”


November 1969.

“Tanya, Hello! Listen, more about business writing, I exhausted everything already – where is my good man (referring to L. Zykina. – Ed.)? Is it the letters? But you’re wrong. Right? Well, at least two words that you can write? I don’t know what to think. Or rather, I know, I remember your words that if in a month there will be a single letter, then it is good. But still that does not help. You know, day and night, she in front of me, all our meetings, every minute spent together. Arrived in Petropavlovsk, and the feeling is that now it will see, here we were walking, was here the first time I came to her hotel.

Tanya, sweetheart, I’m sorry I write all this to you, but very hard to carry it in, but not to anyone else, except you, Lyudmila can not speak, and do not want. It is too dear to me. When I see that she’s comfortable with me, I am doubly happy. Really looking forward to her letters. Was happy as a child when I read about her brilliant success in new York.




“Tanya, sweetheart, Hello! Got your email, thanks. Is not the word – thanks… Live Lyudmila. You know, the more time passes, the sharper rise in the memory of those moments that we were together. The day of the Duma keep going back to it. In the evening about her, stand up – about her, too.

I can’t imagine living without her. It will be bad.

We have winter in full swing, the snow, the weather is Sunny. Had the first ice. Winter began to walk tug, and now approached him, and it feels like now I see her. She came to us the day of our meeting, it we had walked into town when I went to see her. And so everything reminds me of her. In the Newspapers looking for reports on the tour, sings on the radio – drop everything and listen. Well, is it possible? Probably, and you should feel yourself a happy man, so happy that I have it. Get her letters – I have a holiday. And today, even walking, dancing and smiling from thinking about the trip to Moscow and meet…

Whole, Victor.”

– As far as I know, Victor arrived in Moscow to Zykina and six months to live here, – said Irina Gavrilova. She dressed, shod with feet to a head in the civil war. The love between them was very large, but the marriage never resulted. Perhaps she was embarrassed that mom Victor was against it. May not have liked his jealousy. In General, they broke up.

Неизвестные письма певицы:  Он меня любит, но боится, что будут называть мужем Зыкиной

Tatyana Gavrilova was friends with Zykina about 40 years. Photo: Personal archive of Irina Gavrilova

2. Diplomat Vladimir “I Have allergies”

Not yet gone from the life of singer Victor sailor, when Zykina began to look after a diplomat Vladimir, whom she met in America.

“Hello, dear Tanya! Happy for Victor, if he does everything will be as you said… in Short, I’m glad something helped him.

Volodya (the diplomat. – Ed.) now in Ethiopia, will arrive on November 13 and will fly to Japan.

That’s about all the news.

I bought this costume is very cute and nightgown. If you got your size coat, also buy.

My dear. In a hurry.

Kiss you, I miss you. Your Luke.”


25 Feb 1972.

“Hello, dear Tanya! How’s your health?

From home nothing, but I’m not really worried. However, Vova called me three times. And all the shows have been going great.

Here, perhaps, and all my own sestrenochka.

Your Luke.”


“Tanya! For like a month now I roam this country. Every day a new city, new people. God, how much of the world of Russian and what they are all pathetic. Crying fit after the concert. This is a must see with your own eyes to tell is simply impossible.

Travel in buses. Already tired of all sick. Every day 200, 300, and even 600, 700 km from Here this trip.

The only consolation is that the country (USA. – Ed.) beautiful and spring is in its full glory.

Dear Tanya, take what you can, now, years gone. Slightly addicted, but without it. Just for tone and health. Wolf I have yet very very clever, and it means a lot.

Kiss you, my sweet TATKO. Miss you, always remember about you. Your Luke.”


“Hello, Tanya! I flew well, took me Volodya. If you only knew how I was tired of it. It’s a nightmare. I have a rash.

I didn’t believe any sh that she had from her former husband the same state. I have a terrible headache and some disruptions in heart…”

Over time, this relationship also ended – sums up Irina Gavrilova.

Неизвестные письма певицы:  Он меня любит, но боится, что будут называть мужем Зыкиной

Before the death of the artist gave his correspondence to a friend.

3. Athlete and businessman Boris “I’m pregnant”

Another passionate love of Ludmila in the 70-ies there was a guy younger than her – Boris F., Muscovite, athlete, businessman, – continues Irina Gavrilova. I knew personally.

About Boris in letters to girlfriend Zykina told me frankly:

“Hello, dear Tatul! How’s Barca? He’s probably my name will not be remembered. You write it. Not really I believe him. But I love it.

You know my character. If I have something, it’ll drop immediately. And what will happen, I don’t think about it. I try to teach him this. I’m sorry to lose him, but I am afraid of his youth. If he is not stupid and likes, it will save my feelings for him. And I’m terribly jealous. This to me is very hard to be here (in America. – Ed.)”.

I saw this Boris – smiles Irina Gavrilova. It was beautiful man! Where now the temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow before there was a pool under the open sky. And there is also a night currency bar, restaurant. The Director of all this was Boris.

Essentially he was one of the first Soviet businessmen. And money well earned, and was not greedy. He drove her, fed, shoes wore and everything else. Ludmila beside him was beaming with happiness.

Boris was champion of Europe whether in swimming, or Boxing. She often came with him to our cottage in Opelika. Remember, Zykina sits with us at the cottage on the veranda. My grandmother preparing something. And Lyudmila sits, shakes his leg and asks playfully: “Auntie Alex, you like my fan Boris?” Grandma smiles: “a man who else does not like?” “Aunt Shura, well, what do you suggest I marry him or not?”…

My mom she gave an assignment: “Tanya, if there’s a country to sell, I buy.” And mom helped her to buy. She was there and did a repair, and pool, fireplace set. And at one time Lyudmila came to this country in Opalikha. But when I broke up with my Boris, sold the cottage.


“Hello, my dear Tatul! I congratulate you, my dear, happy New year…

Borka, he just jerked around. Well I was with him and very. He loves me, I know it. But then one day he said to me: go to the Inn. It is to the singer, who left.

Says that about her all the time thinking. Uttered just so that I didn’t know what to do. You know what I think in this case I will not. I just said get out.

I know that it is not. He’s just tired to me. After all, if he was a gigolo, then he just would spit on everything and everyone. But he’s a very decent guy. He’s said to me that I believe in it to make it easier for me to forget it. The Tatul, and I don’t want to lose him. I just now really realized how I need it. I can’t live without him. What do I do? But it could happen again. He’s afraid he will call my husband and Zykina.

I was with him very well when he’s with me, I forget about everything. Really I have no right to be happy? Do you have your whole life to lie and dissemble to keep yourself around someone you love? Can’t, don’t, I will.”


“Dear Tanya, you are my mother man. You as an outlet of my life. This idiot (writes about Boris. – Ed.) can’t stop… it Turned out that he cheated on me. Lived with a girl of 20 years. Both reason to hide their relationship, but I can’t understand. I told her once. Saw last year… she even liked. The trouble is that I used to think about people better than they are. She said they aren’t even Dating. And she’s married. I told her that I wanted to marry him. But don’t believe him. If she’d said she loved him, I would have immediately kicked him out, Borka. For they knew that he lives with her. But it is free, and it would be easier to meet him. I can’t understand their policy. Both are cowards.

Sweetheart TATKO, drove it a few times. But he does not leave. He’s just comfortable with me. I’ve got it now. You know, I’m pregnant. Wanted to leave, because you know how much I love children.

But I have no desire to. I’m afraid that I will hate the baby because of him. Why should I raise him alone. To live with him (Northwind), I will not. After what I learned, I just can’t forgive him. They say when you love, you forgive. This is not so. He said to me, let’s forget, did not even deign to apologize. I was convinced that I can not forget. Now suffer to Moscow. In Moscow say all and break up with him”…

*In many letters there is no date, and to determine the time of writing is possible only by the postmark, and even then not always: torn envelopes so that the stamps are not readable. Besides of the messages Zykina gave a diplomatic pouch.

Неизвестные письма певицы:  Он меня любит, но боится, что будут называть мужем Зыкиной

Singer, poet, co-author and husband of Aleksandra Pakhmutova, Nikolay Dobronravov. Third from left – third husband Zykina, Vladimir Kotelkin, the Extreme right – cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Photo: Personal archive of Irina Gavrilova


Abortion after infidelity

– First husband of Ludmila Vladlen Pozdnov worked on the ZIL, she married him in 1951 – says Irina Gavrilova. – Life did not work out, divorced. Second husband Evgeny Svalov, photographer of the magazine “Soviet soldier”, was cheating on her. In Ludmila was to be born child. Here’s what she told me. My husband went on tour with the circus to take photos for the magazine. And fell in love with a circus performer. Came, said, “Lyuda, we’re divorced, I have a new woman, I love her, I can’t not get married because she’s having a baby”. And Lyudmila at this time she was pregnant from him. But she said nothing. Silently had an abortion. Then I regretted it.

Third husband was Mr Kotelkin, translator. Broke up with him in 1972. Rather, as told, they lit the Minister of culture Furtseva. She learned that they both engaged in speculation and icons were sold, and brought-exported values from abroad. Furtseva called her and said, all the more you are husband and wife, otherwise will not be released abroad. And relations between the spouses were so strained. Perhaps Kotelkin tired of being “a star”.

With the fourth husband, accordionist Victor Gridin, they played together. He first played in the song and dance Ensemble of the Soviet army. Ludmila spotted him there, he Lyudmila liked, and she got it.

Have Gridina from a previous marriage had two children. People take care of them, they brought gifts, gave money. Her feelings were towards children. It could be a good mom, but, unfortunately, their children never bore.

Husband Gridin with her I was treated the last years of their marriage. Remember, he came to her concert.

She was sitting in front of a mirror. She herself hairstyles did herself up, never she didn’t have a personal makeup artist.

Gridin walked beside him and played the accordion. And something she said to him, say, where a higher tone take. And he told her suddenly, roughly, “You in the music you know, like a pig in oranges! You can not think”. It him that said something. And he told her: “fuck you…” I was in shock. Apparently, there were passions, he had already met with his mistress, singer Nadezhda Krygina, which Zykina took on tour…

With Krygina after divorce with Luda, they are short lived. Gridin died in 1997 from cirrhosis of the liver.


Your best jewelry Ludmila Zykina lost

The heirs of the actress auctioned off her personal belongings.

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