Unknown bacteria with new epidemics found in melting glaciers

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 Unknown bacteria with new epidemics found in melting glaciers

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Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have figured out how global warming can affect the world. It turned out that this will bring us not only climate change, but also a number of other more serious problems. This is evidenced by the results of a study that was published in the journal Nature biotechnology.

thousands of unknown bacteria, they can cause new diseases and even epidemics.

A group of scientists collected snow and ice samples from Tibetan glaciers. It turned out that in the frozen water there are about a thousand bacteria unknown to science. Researchers already suggest that these bacteria can pose a serious threat to humans. They can cause new diseases and even provoke epidemics.

Of the 968 types of bacteria that scientists have identified in the melting Tibetan glaciers, 98% were unknown to science and have already been called potentially dangerous. The researchers noted that about 10% of the Earth's surface is covered with ice sheets and glaciers.

with new bacteria found in frozen water. And there is an extremely high probability that almost all of these bacteria will become a new test for the whole world.

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