Unique solar eclipse will occur today: where to see

A unique solar eclipse will occur today: where to look

The total solar eclipse in December 2021 will become a unique astronomical phenomenon, since this year it will take place for the first time, and the path of the star this time will pass from east to west, and not as usual .

The eclipse of the sun is scheduled for this Saturday, December 4th. The full phase, according to Sky & amp; Telescope, will last a little less than two minutes – 1 minute 54 seconds.

In general, the eclipse will continue between half past seven and half past eleven in the morning.

The moment of the greatest eclipse is expected at 07:33 UTC.

The total solar eclipse can be observed from Antarctica and partially from South Africa and the South Atlantic Ocean.

All other interested persons will be able to admire the phenomenon on the net. The show will be available online through webcasts. For example, watch the broadcast of a total eclipse of a celestial body from NASA from the Union Glacier in Antarctica on YouTube and on their website at this link .

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is close enough in its orbit from Earth to cover 100% of the solar disk. So, the apparent diameter of the Moon is 1.0367 times larger than the visible diameter of the solar disk, so on December 4 it will completely cover the star.

With a total eclipse, you can see the solar corona, and nearby stars and planets.

The current first and last in 2021 will be unusual as the total eclipse path will move from east to west across West Antarctica. Moreover, most of the paths of the eclipse run from west to east.

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