Unique gold coins worth 1 million euros were found during repairs in France

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 Unique gold coins worth 1 million euros were found during the renovation in France

The coins were sold for a big sum.

A box with a large number of rare gold coins minted before the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century was found by the craftsmen during the repairs in the house of a family from the French city of Quimper. This happened back in 2019, but the find became known only now – when the owners decided to sell the coins, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

Once this treasure probably belonged to a wealthy merchant or to the landowner. In total, there were 239 gold coins … The owners kept four of them as a souvenir, and the rest were sold at the Ivoire/Deloys auction in Angers on September 29.

Initially, experts estimated the coins at & nbsp; 250-300 thousand euros & nbsp; (7.7 – 9.2 million hryvnia), but the result exceeded expectations. & Nbsp; They went under the hammer for a total amount of & nbsp; over 1 million euros & nbsp; (30.8 million hryvnia).

 In France, during the renovation, unique gold coins worth 1 million euros were found

The income will be divided between the owners of the house and three craftsmen who discovered a precious treasure in the wall. & nbsp; Who and how much they will get is not disclosed.

One of the most expensive lots turned out to be a 1646 gold louis with the image of Louis XIV . Bidding for it began with a rate of 8 thousand euros (246.5 thousand hryvnia), and ended with a sale for 46 thousand euros (1.4 million hryvnia). Another 1640 coin with a portrait of Louis XIII was sold for the same amount.

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