Unique exhibition in Ra'anana: “What is it, love?”

 Unique exhibition in Ra'anana:

As part of Alena Shleypak's project «The Mysterious Female Soul» in “Gallery al ha Agam” (Gallery on the Lake) in Ra'anana from April 28 to May 8, the exhibition “What is love like?”.

puppet masters. Alena Shleypak, in her characteristic fusion manner, gathers under one roof the most diverse creators in order to more fully embrace and reveal the theme of love, to try to answer the eternal question.

 Unique exhibition in Ra'anana:

Love – what is it, what is it? No one has yet been able to find a definitive answer. Happiness or experience that plunges us into emotional chaos, mutual or unrequited, exhilarating or stunning?

A multifaceted feeling, with many components – it is love that helps to see all the colors of life, its fullness. So much is said and written about love, but no one will ever give an exact definition, everyone will feel the uniqueness of its manifestation.

No matter what happens around – joyful, tragic, pacifying, nightmarish – we continue move on, and love gives us the desire to live and create.

The event will brighten up everyday life and diversify weekends: the exposition will be located in one of the most picturesque galleries in the country – “Al ha Agam Gallery”, with a gorgeous view of the lake, and will be available to visitors even on holidays and weekends.

 A unique exhibition in Ra'anana:

Come and be inspired and relax your soul, add love to your life.
The grand opening will take place on April 28 at 19:00.

The event is organized by exhibition curator Alena Shleypak .

For more information call: 054-313-0469 or visit the event's event

The exhibition will run until May 8, all days of the week including Friday and Saturday. Admission is free.

Photos provided by the organizer of the event.

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