Unique discovery: an ancient cave from the times of Ramses II was found

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 A unique discovery: an ancient cave from the time of Ramses II was found

Archaeologists have made a unique discovery by finding an untouched 3,300-year-old cave in the Palmachim National Park, south of Tel Aviv. The items that were kept in this place belong to the late Bronze Age, close to the time of the reign of Ramses II. The caves were found quite by accident when the rock moved during construction work. Experts from the Antiquities Authority were shocked by what they saw. There were several skeletons in the corner. There were also amphorae and other ancient objects. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime find! It's not every day you get on the set of Indiana Jones — a cave with tools on the floor that have not been touched for 3300 years”, — said Bronze Age Authority expert Eli Yannay. The vessels were made in Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus. Found dozens of pottery vessels of different sizes and shapes, bowls, some of which are painted red. Some of them contained bones. The cave also contained pots for cooking, jugs and earthenware oil lamps.

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