Unique cars spotted on the streets of Kiev: not “afraid of the accident”

Уникальное авто заметили на улицах Киева: не "боится ДТП"

On the streets of Kiev have a unique car

Car Volga GAZ-31105 was spotted on the streets of Kiev. The main feature of the car is very unusual, and even the terrible tuning.

The so-called “kenguryatnik” the car is not only on the front bumper, but around the entire body. The wheel arches enclosed by a steel pipe. Apparently, the way the owner decided to protect your car from possible accidents.

Уникальное авто заметили на улицах Киева: не "боится ДТП"

Thus, for the Volga is not terrible at least minor accidents. The car will be stronger than many SUVs, if we talk about protection of the body. Even on the cross the Volga will give odds to many SUVs.

As you can see by the photo, there are the wheels larger, which significantly raised the ground clearance, and along with increased angles of approach and departure.

Уникальное авто заметили на улицах Киева: не "боится ДТП"

Earlier it was reported that a guy from Ukraine has created a cool old sports car from Porsche.

Old Porsche coupe 70-ies came in handy for the guy from Nikolaev. He made it a real sports car. Externally, the car was impossible to know.

Porsche received an impressive body of fiberglass in red color. Other attributes tuning project — new headlights, turn signals, clearance lights, stops and more. The engine was also substituted for the engine Opel Omega 2,0 with the 5-speed manual transmission.

Before you buy a car in 2013, guy has created a 3-D model of the future sports car. Old Porsche had to redo it thoroughly, as it was in terrible condition and hardly functioned.

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