Unique bronze statues of the ancient Roman era discovered in Italy

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 Unique bronze statues of the ancient Roman era discovered in Italy

In the thermal baths of Italian Tuscany, archaeologists have discovered more than two dozen perfectly preserved bronze statues from the Roman Empire. Experts consider the find sensational.

The find was discovered on a hilltop in the city of San Casciano dei Bagni, located 160 kilometers north of Rome, where archaeological research of ancient baths has been underway since 2019.

“The statues are one of the most remarkable discoveries “in the history of the ancient Mediterranean”,– said a spokesman for the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Jacopo Tabolli, an associate professor at the University of Siena, who is coordinating the excavations, said the statues found depicting Hygieia, Apollo and other Greco-Roman deities were used to decorate the sanctuary and date back to between the 2nd century and the 1st century AD, the time of the “great transformations in ancient Tuscany”.

“The statues were covered with almost 6000 bronze, silver and gold coins, and the hot muddy waters of San Casciano helped to keep them “ almost as they were on the day of the dive. We found 24 large statues, as well as several smaller statuettes, and noted that they were made of bronze, not terracotta, – Tabolli added.

The Italian Ministry of Culture said the statues have been taken to a restoration lab in nearby Grosseto but will eventually be on display at a new museum in San Casciano.

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