Underside of Sags in a shootout

Revers des Sags en tirs de barrage

The Sags are completing a first real stay home with a harvest of four points on a possibility of six. The Chicoutimiens have suffered a second reverse in succession in as many days in extra time, 3-2 to face with the Islanders of Charlottetown in a shootout, in front of 2157 spectators at the centre Georges-Vézina.

“Honestly, I only have the positive aspect of this week. It progresses a lot more quickly than I would have thought,” said the head coach of the Sags, Yanick Jean, in his press conference post-match. The Sags took Wednesday in the face of the Phoenix of Sherbrooke before losing 5-4 in overtime in a match of high quality on Friday in the face of the powerful Halifax Mooseheads. “This is not only the results, but the way. We would have been able to pick up five points and even six during this trip, but there is a case that is sure, is that we could not pick up less than that.”

Leached 8-3 the night before in Baie-Comeau, the Islanders have shown quite a different face, opening the scoring as early as the third minute when Liam Peyton has recovered a loose puck in the enclave. The Sags were replicated on the digital advantage. At the end of the penalty, Vladislav Kotkov is out of the corner of the arena to cut the spin and cleverly housing the washer behind Matthew Welsh. The first busy period continued with the Islanders taking the lead on a shot from the backhand absolutely perfect Keith Getson, which surprised Alexis Shank, but once again, the Sags are income.

Revers des Sags en tirs de barrage

Revers des Sags en tirs de barrage

At the end of a numerical advantage, Vladislav Kotkov has cut to the net before you can stay the puck behind Matthew Welsh.

Photos Of Everyday Life, Sophie Lavoie

Frustrated Friday and earlier in the meeting, Mathieu Desgagnés has finally scored his first of the season, when he pushed the puck behind the red line. On the sequence, Jeremy Groleau decided to press the attack, which led to a chance by Jeremy Fortin completed by Desgagnés. “I was happy for him. It was dark at the net and made it hard. This is what he must do. These best matches is when it is working hard. He had had chances and it did not want to go. When you have opportunities in gold and it does not fit, a particular time, he must find a way to put it in. It is to change things up a bit and rush to the net that you’re going to go look for big goals. It is a bit like that, it happened to him”, let him know the driver of the Blue.

“We would have been able to pick up five points and even six during this trip, but there is a case that is sure, is that we could not pick up less than that. ”

Yanick Jean

Revers des Sags en tirs de barrage

After having missed several chances since the beginning of the season, Mathieu Desgagnés has scored his first goal of the season in the face of the Islanders.

Photo The Daily, Sophie Lavoie

The two teams have decreased the pace, so that the meeting ended in overtime and then a shootout. In the last forty minutes, despite some good chances from both sides, the two opponents have got 19 free throws, compared to 21 only at the first engagement. “It is a bit normal at this time. Three games in four nights for both clubs, it is normal that in the second the tank goes down. It has become different. It was mentally more sharp. It is necessary to learn to be able to play these games”, to clarify Yanick Jean, agreeing that on several scoring opportunities, the Chicoutimiens had missed the target. “We faced one of the best guards in the league. It is not for nothing that it is there. He has not stolen and merit. He had a poor performance Friday in Baie-Comeau and it has rebounded well. It was very good”, to emphasise Yanick Jean.

In shooting, Samuel Houde, Vladislav Kotkov and Theo Rochette have all missed while Lukas Cormier missed, even if he lost the puck en route, which provided the extra point for the Islanders, who have put an end to a sequence of four setbacks.

The Sags will take the road next week in a trip that will take them to Rimouski, Sherbrooke and Shawinigan. Their next match in front of their supporters will be held on Thursday, October 18, at the return of Patrick Roy at the centre Georges-Vézina with the Quebec Remparts.

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