Under the rubble of Luhansk high-rise buildings found the second victim

Под завалами луганской многоэтажки найден второй погибший

Under the rubble of Luhansk high-rise buildings found the second victim
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Photo: from the site lugansk.mns.gov.ua

The number of victims during the explosion in an apartment building in Luhansk has increased.

– The identity of the victim is established, – reported in Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk region.

The identity of the first victim is already installed is a 50 year old man. Besides, it became known that the number of victims has increased to 18 people.

According to preliminary data, household gas exploded due to a malfunction of the boiler of individual heating in a three-room apartment №318 on the 6th floor.

– According to preliminary data, the explosion occurred due to gas equipment. On a place of works operational group of the Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk oblast, – said the press service of the Prosecutor of Luhansk region.

It is not excluded that under blockages on an explosion place in a 14-storey residential building in Lugansk can be affected people. Work on analysis of damaged building structures are continuing.

In the Unified register of pre-trial investigations by the Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk city the fact of the explosion were listed.


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