Under the guise of detecting saboteurs, the Russians are catching deserters

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 Under the guise of detecting saboteurs, Russians are catching deserters

Under the guise of detecting saboteurs, the Russians are catching Russian deserters, collaborators have taken vacations in Troitskoye, hospitals in the occupied territory of the region are overcrowded.

Not all partially mobilized people want to fight, therefore they are trying to disappear.

While searching for Ukrainian patriots and saboteurs, as in Starobilsk, the Russians simultaneously discover their own deserters. There are enough of the latter throughout the entire Luhansk region.

As well as the wounded Russians. So, in one of the children's hospitals, the occupiers placed their wounded next to sick children.

Among them were former prisoners, representatives of the Wagner private military campaign. Due to lack of free places, some children were not cured and discharged. The hospital in Anthracite is also overcrowded with Russian prisoners.

The ranks of collaborators are also restless. So, most of the separatists of the Troitsky district, who left to work for the enemy, have issued free holidays and are trying to go deep into the Luhansk region, and if possible – in Russia.

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