Under the Dnieper in the fire killed a man

Под Днепром при пожаре погиб мужчина

Flame “cut off” the owner with all the exits to the street.

On Saturday, June 1, in Obukhivka a fire broke out in one-storey private house. Flames and heavy smoke immediately enveloped the room, “cut off” the owner with all the exits to the street, causing the man died, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to the Informant.

That in the alley of Courage blazing house No. 43, in service of rescue reported the sister of the deceased. Previously, in her words, even approaching the fence, she saw heavy smoke that billowed from the Windows, and when I opened the door — found the 54-year-old brother lying on the floor. The man lay facing the door, and all his body was in ashes. In addition, the entire inside of that house literally burned to the ground.

Near Kiev erupted unfinished building

Rescuers arrived at the scene as quickly as possible, but the flames destroyed all the household stuff and furniture before their arrival. Total fire area was about 25 m2. For nepotverzhdennoy information, the man abused alcohol. The cause of the fire could be a cigarette butt thrown on the floor, but all the details and circumstances of the incident are currently being investigated.

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