Uncontrolled Chinese rocket could fall to Earth

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 An uncontrolled Chinese missile could fall to Earth

The probability of their fall in any settlement is extremely small. However, this has raised questions about how different countries are taking responsibility for their space debris.

Previously, NASA called on the Chinese space agency to design their rockets to break into smaller pieces upon re-entry, in order to conform to international regulations.

The Long March 5 rocket launched on Sunday, which carried a laboratory module to China's unfinished Tiangong space station, does not have a controlled re-entry capability.

The Chinese government said on Wednesday that the rocket's re-entry would not pose much of a risk to anyone on land, as it would likely land in the sea.

However, there is a possibility that parts of the rocket will fall over a populated area, as happened in May 2020 when properties were damaged in Côte d'Ivoire.

The empty body of the rocket is now on an elliptical orbit around Earth and is gradually approaching an uncontrolled reentry.
According to the California-based nonprofit Aerospace Corporation, the reentry will occur around 0024 GMT on Sunday, give or take 16 hours.
< br /> It is still too early to speculate where the 25-tonne pile of debris will fall. According to the corporation's forecasts, a possible area where debris could fall covers the United States, Africa, Australia, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia.

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