Uncomfortable moments make people more creative: an interesting study

Розповіді про незручні моменти роблять людей креативнішими: цікаве дослідження

Uncomfortable situation reveal creative potential, experts believe the Kellogg School of management. They conducted a number of studies to prove it.

In the first experiment involved 111 volunteers. The researchers divided them into two groups: some were asked to recall the case for which they are ashamed, and others to tell a story that makes them proud.

Then participants were given paper clips and asked to come up with a more creative method of application. People from the first group generated 26% more ideas than the second. In addition, their proposal was much more diverse – from using paper clips as earrings for jewelry cocktails.

Розповіді про незручні моменти роблять людей креативнішими: цікаве дослідження

The second experiment involved 93 managers are University courses leaders. They randomly were divided into groups of three – one team had to tell the uncomfortable moments, and others shared fond memories. First, many of those who talked about a shameful situation, the question arises: who should go first. Then they all inevitably overcame the embarrassment and in the end, the group laughed together, but not over the person, but the story and its insignificance.

Then all participants were asked to think of how unusual it is to use a cardboard box. The result was the same as in the first experiment – tellers of obscene stories coped with the task better by more than 26%.

When people voiced an uncomfortable situation, they lowered the barrier of self-censorship. It may be useful to the companies in practice, because all the leaders expect from employees of interesting decisions, independent judgment and evaluation, says Lee Thompson, one of the authors of the study.

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