UN urged Spanish authorities to release the Catalan politicians

ООН призвала власти Испании освободить каталонских политиков

The UN has said that Spain violated the principles of the universal Declaration of human rights, holding three Catalan politicians.

Council working group on human rights of the UN on arbitrary detentions declared that Spain must release the three politicians, who are in custody in connection with the charges against them in the case of the illegal conduct of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia. This is stated in the report of the group, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to korrespondent.net.

According to human rights activists, the Spanish government should explore “arbitrary” decision to deny the release of former Vice-President of the Oriola Generalitat Junkers and public activists Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Koisuru

The UN believes that the imprisonment of these politicians violate the principles of the universal Declaration of human rights and Spain must “urgently” take action to release prisoners, to pay them compensation and to conduct a full and independent investigation.

Scotland will hold a second referendum on independence

In the Supreme court of Spain held a hearing on the matter on the referendum and the proclamation of independence in October 2017, the defendants involving 12 politicians, including Sanchez, Caesar and Junkers.

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