UN envoy ignores Israeli victims of terror in his report

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 UN envoy ignored Israeli victims of terror in his report

UN Middle East Coordinator Thor Vennesland told the Security Council on Thursday that more than 20 Israelis have been killed in the Arab-Israeli conflict since early 2022.

According to Ynet, the Vennesland report does not include data on 12 Israeli victims of terror.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Vennesland relied on data from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which recognized only 19 victims of terrorist attacks as Israelis in 2022.

However, Israel estimates that 31 Israelis and foreign workers were killed in the attacks. The Foreign Ministry said the UN report ignored the victims of the attacks, including Arie Shchupak and Tadese Tashume who were killed in a bomb blast in And Jerusalem, and others.

Appeals by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdanao regarding the reassessment of the data presented have so far remained unanswered.

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