“Ukrzaliznytsia” will create a management company stations

«Укрзализныця» создаст компанию по управлению вокзалами

In the ULTRASONIC three phase plan of reorganization.

In UZ had prepared a road map for the establishment of a branch “railway company”, which should start work before the end of 2019.

It is reported online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference on EP.

“Our goal is to improve the system of station management, improve the efficiency of their activities, including by minimising duplication of functions. The main goals include the reduction of financial costs,” — said the Director for strategic development and investment policy of “Ukrzaliznytsya” Anton Sobolewski.

Sobolewski reminded that the negative financial result of the activities of the stations of the branch “Passenger company” JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” for 2018 amounted to UAH 405 million

He said that in the ULTRASONIC three phase plan of reorganization.

First branch will be transferred to the extra-curricular stations, which are now in control of the branch “Passenger company”.

Next will be gradually transferred the objects of I-III class of regional branches. Only in the first phase will be the transfer station 106.

After it will be time for stations IV, V categories, of which 1.2 thousand more will join them Afterwards and stopping points, which TIES almost 2.3 thousand They will be transferred to the balance sheet.

Accordingly, in the structure of the branch is the property and staff.

According to Sobolevskogo, the reorganization of UZ decided to follow the German model of station management (when all the stations and stopping points are transferred to the balance of the same branch).

It used state-owned railway company Deutsche Bahn, when I created a separate structure, DB Station&Service.

At the time of Foundation in 2001, she was in control of almost 11 thousand objects, now they only 5.5 thousand

“Some of the stations were closed or optimized. Interesting point: in Germany, the railway station can buy any. There are many cases when modeately areas the new owners are not only legal, but also individuals. For them it is a means of commercial activities. Someone picks up the development of tourism, however, sometimes served by trains. In the EU there is a mechanism of placing a for sale stations through auctions,” notes Sobolewski.

In 1999, according to Sobolevskogo, at auction in Germany sold more than 2.1 thousand stations. And some — for a symbolic price of 1 Euro, with investments in development.

Moreover, according to Sobolevskogo, not every station after the reform will be superior.

Ukraine’s economy has risen in the ranking of competitiveness

“We’re getting away from the fact that each station must have a head. Basic structural units, whose leaders will manage the stations on site. For example, the head of the station complex Kiev-Passenger will become a controlled station in Zhmerinka and Fastiv. And, for example, the head of the station Lviv will be responsible for facilities in passenger stations Truskavets, Morshyn, Sambor. We worked out a clear hierarchy that will be allocated 19 “anchor” stations — two or four in each regional branch,” — said Sobolewski.

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