Ukrainians will soon suffer a new problem: there will be places for the departed

Украинцев скоро постигнет новая беда: не останется мест для усопших

Over the recent deaths of Ukrainians has increased so much that soon the dead will have nowhere to bury

This was announced by the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing.

It is known that the situation with the shortage of burial space is located in a very disturbing position. Today in Ukraine it is necessary to build 41 cemetery more than was required in 2014. Just need as many as 550 new cemeteries.

In Ukraine at the moment there are more than 33 thousand cemeteries, of which normally landscaped only 26 thousand.

Just today in the cities there are 3 thousands and 1000 existing closed cemeteries. Of these, only 3 thousand suitable to used in full.

Украинцев скоро постигнет новая беда: не останется мест для усопших

Украинцев скоро постигнет новая беда: не останется мест для усопших

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In rural areas there are 26 million active and 3 thousands of private cemeteries. Improvement normal only 22 thousand of them, others simply are not suitable for use.

Now in Ukraine you need to build 550 new cemeteries. Most in need of Transcarpathian settlements (62), Kharkiv (49), Lviv (46) and Dnipropetrovsk (30) regions.

Earlier it was reported that a member of the National Academy of Sciences Ella Libanova is convinced of the high mortality of men aged 40 to 60 years – a national disaster.

According to the chief demographer of the country, in Ukraine, the risk for men of dying before the age of 60 years – 40%, while in Switzerland not live to 60 years, only 8% of men.

Украинцев скоро постигнет новая беда: не останется мест для усопших

Ukrainians die because of the tendency to bad habits, poor diet and neglect of their health. As elsewhere in the world, in Ukraine the population is aging and the birth rate does not compensate for mortality.

Libanova noted that many Ukrainians until retirement not just survive.

“It is particularly dangerous period of life from 40 to 60 years. It’s just a national disaster, the situation is completely changed since 1985,” said demographer at the lecture hall of the “Key aspects of pension reform.”

On average, men live in retirement (after 60 years) 14.8 years and women 19.9 years. In this regard, I’m sure a scientist, and to raise the retirement age for men is impossible.

In addition, recall that the Ukraine topped the list of countries with the highest mortality rate due to malnutrition.

Yet it was reported that the UN has reported, often the cause of death of women aged 30 to 49 years.

In addition, Politeka wrote that the President of the Association of road safety Michael Berlin called one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of accidents.

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