Ukrainians will be treated by medical robots

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 Medical robots will treat Ukrainians

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Important aid came to Ukraine from Spain – 20 medical robots have been handed over, with the help of which doctors will be able to remotely examine a patient.

In addition, with the help of electronic "physicians" the patient will be able to quickly undergo an examination, and the doctor – get the results, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported, specifying that the robots were donated by the Spanish NGO Help to Ukraine, and Homedoctor patients will undergo remote examination.

Ukraine, will be able to remotely examine and advise Ukrainian patients in the most inaccessible regions of the country under war conditions”, – The Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Thanks to this equipment, the patient will be able to quickly check the basic indicators of health – measure temperature, pressure, saturation, make an ECG and other studies, and the doctor – promptly receive the results of these studies and provide recommendations to the patient, said Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development Maria Karchevich.

The ministry also reported that the transfer of robots to Ukraine was carried out with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Ukraine. The day before, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Spain to Ukraine Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Haga and the founder of the NGO Help to Ukraine Carlos Fernandez met with a representative of the Ministry and the company “Electronic Health”, during which Maria Karchevich thanked the partners for supporting the Ukrainian healthcare system in the country.

As previously reported, Xiaomi introduced a “humanoid” robot CyberOne. This is a humanoid machine that can walk and communicate with people on its own.

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