Ukrainians got rid of the BMW 5-Series off a cliff. Video

Украинцы скинули BMW 5-Series с обрыва. Видео

Not cleared BMW E39 died brave, reports the with reference to Autoblog.

What you need is often a car avtonomera? Of course, to ride.

However, there are other options – for example, to do with this car… entertainment content.

The guys from Rovno (or Rivne region) took a one-minute clip, the only scene which, in fact – the destruction of uncleared BMW 5-Series E39. First car ride, then dropped off a cliff, well, then “finished off with their feet.”

Rothmannia problemi in рівненськиby @mishanyaebanutuy the @rivne_1283

Gepostet von Your Rune am Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019

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