Ukrainians are advised not to fly to a country where the war begins: danger at every step

Украинцам советуют не лететь в страну, где начинается война: опасность на каждом шагу

The foreign Ministry has recommended that Ukrainians avoid travel to Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Ukrainians also need always to have documents proving their identity.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs strongly recommends Ukrainian citizens not to travel to Pakistan in connection with the security situation in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This is the website of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine.

Украинцам советуют не лететь в страну, где начинается война: опасность на каждом шагу

The Consulate warns that the Ukrainians should not visit the area of Azad Kashmir, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Citizens of Ukraine who are in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we recommend you to be extra vigilant and closely follow the news and recommendations of local authorities, to avoid places of a mass congestion of people, not to participate in demonstrations and protests, to restrict the movement and use of local public transport”, — stated in the message.

Consular Affairs recommends that you carry documents in Pakistan and to always follow the local requirements and the instructions of law enforcement and military agencies.

In the Ministry notice that the partial closure of the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan suggests that it is desirable to specify in advance the airlines actual implementation of the flight in this country.

Украинцам советуют не лететь в страну, где начинается война: опасность на каждом шагу

As reported, the situation between Pakistan and India worsened dangerously due to the new attacks.

As the local media, Pakistani forces once again fired at settlements in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The new incident occurred this morning, February 28, in the district of poonch.

According to journalists, the attack by the armed forces of Pakistan was reflected by the Indian army.

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On the eve of the official authorities of Pakistan said that allegedly do not wish to unleash full-scale war with neighboring India. Then Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan held a military conference, which was attended by the leadership of the nuclear forces of the country.

In addition, the network appeared the video with the Indian pilot, who the day before had captured. On the man’s face is visible to a large bruise, but he smiles and drinks some drink from a Cup.

The reason for the deterioration of the situation between two nuclear States was the attack on 14 February in Jammu and Kashmir on a convoy of Indian military, which killed 45 soldiers. Responsibility for attack was assumed by group “Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army of Muhammad”), which advocates for the separation of Kashmir from India.

We will remind, from-for the conflict with Pakistan is not recommended to travel to India.

As reported Politeka, Pakistan launched operation against ISIS on the border with Afghanistan.

Also Politeka wrote about why India and Pakistan are unable to reconcile.

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