Ukrainian Teens staged a dangerous game on the road: “Can lead to tragic consequences”

Украинские подростки устроили опасную игру на дороге: "Может привести к трагическим последствиям"

Teenagers staged a dangerous game just on the road, inducing panic in the drivers. Played “kids” in the eyes of the adults who silently watched

On Friday, February 15, in Nikolaev three teenage girls staged a sort of distraction on the roadway, thereby creating an emergency situation to drive a lei, according to “”.

Украинские подростки устроили опасную игру на дороге: "Может привести к трагическим последствиям"

“On February 15 at about 16:00 a bunch of teenagers staged threat entertainment at the intersection of Admiral and Schneerson. Children continuously ran across the street in front of cars and pretend there is an obstacle, thereby knocking drivers off. But teenagers do not even think that such a game can lead to tragic consequences”, -stated in the message.

Teenagers crossed at a pedestrian crossing on Admiralskaya St., near the intersection with Schneerson. Girls passing through the transition, deliberately raised his feet high in front of the car allegedly crossing an object. As a result of such manipulations, some drivers stopped and went to check what had hit them under the wheels, or handed back and rode a non-existent barrier.

Earlier, Ukrainian teenagers massively carried away dangerous hobby. This is an extreme and dangerous hobby among teenagers is called the roofing. Teenagers climb to the roof of skyscrapers for the sake of spectacular shots, which then publish in social networks.

So, in Kiev teenage girl climbed onto the roof of a skyscraper and started performing dangerous stunts, which without the need of physical training and insurance could end in tragedy. A local resident noticed a “rufinamide” and called rescuers.

Украинские подростки устроили опасную игру на дороге: "Может привести к трагическим последствиям"

Prior to that, he drew attention to the recent surge in popularity among youth threat habits. Chief surgeon of the United States Jerome Adams has published a report warning Americans about the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

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The researchers found evidence of the presence of toxic metals such as lead, in the vapor of electronic cigarettes. The data also indicate that vaping may be associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Recall that scientists are alarmed by the cause of cancer in women: “more Harmful than Smoking”

As reported Politeka, the doctor told me, when coughs need to go to the hospital

Also Politeka wrote that sexologists called the seven factors affecting virility

Nebezpecne igri

Fierce 15, about 16:00 Kupka pdldf bestowal nebezpecne entertainment on peretin Admiralska Snelson. Dclugi resupine perebrala Voicu before avtoi that robili estimation nachebto road safety , yakas peraona, Tim himself sbivautsa wodw h Pantelic. Ale paldi navti not samolyota scho Taka gra Mauger prizvesti to tragic naslov.

Gepostet von TRK “NIS-TV” am Freitag, 15. Februar 2019

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