Ukrainian singer has declared war on the haters

Украинская певица объявила войну хейтерам

Ukrainian singer recorded a video message to the haters.

Recently, the Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova has openly declared his political ambitions and announced the creation of a women’s party. The star expressed his intention to unite women to fight against gender chauvinism in the country and the depopulation of the Ukrainian people. However, the decision of the actress, some took it as a joke, reports the with reference for Today.

In his Instagram Polyakov posted a video in which he responded to the negative reaction of some political experts and bloggers on the statement of superblondinka. According to Oli, Haight it offends not only the singer, but for all women.

“Since then, I made a statement that going into politics. never seen such amount of sexism and disregard for women in General, their nature… And these are not just any people, weird bots, and politicians, journalists, and public figures. From derogatory irony to outright humiliation of women as secondary beings,” he says indignantly Olya Polyakova.

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She added that it intends to deal with those who publicly mocks women. “And I will do everything with his party that these laws were passed, he was given a humiliating to laugh and see women solely as a sexual object for his own comfort! And I will show you that it works. I start with you and declare war on you,” said Polyakova.

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