Ukrainian singer-beauty will conquer the Eurovision special a song: “This is the first”

Украинский певец-красавец будет покорять Евровидение особенной песней: "Это первая"

The participant of National selection for Eurovision-2019 Ivan Navi presented their song for the contest

Called “All for love”. The words were written by Ukrainian singer Yana Kovaleva, writes

“This is the first song in which I wrote the music, says singer. — She is very special for me! Always be open to love.”

Украинский певец-красавец будет покорять Евровидение особенной песней: "Это первая"

Lviv takes the dance-pop music, began his musical career in 2016. Released 9 singles, although the full album yet. Fans of Navi novelty recalled the work of the famous singer Justin Timberlake.

Their songs have already presented some other members of the National selection. Group Kazka will be performing with the English version of the song “Crying”, a duet Yuko — Ukrainian song “Gal walking”, and the theatrical-musical group “Cecho” presented the song “Hate”.

Украинский певец-красавец будет покорять Евровидение особенной песней: "Это первая"

We have previously reported that in the capital on 9 February starts the first semifinal of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. The next stage will be held on February 16 and finally a nominee for the international competition will be determined on February 23.

Will vote spectators and jury 50/50. January 20, Sunday, the organizers of the national selection will have to name the semi-finalists. It is known that the participation in the contest, said group КАZKA the winner of “the Voice” Natalia Gordienko.

The latter does not hide nor his desire to participate, nor the song chosen for the contest. According to singer, her song just created for the international competition.

“Song “GRM” I came to the casting selection, quite unusual, but, of course, it is about love. And what role in the fate of people can play the element of nature”, — said Natalia.

In the song “GRM” singer immediately saw “notes of Eurovision” — and the musical drawing and the message.

According to the STB channel, which together with the channel “NTU” is conducting a competitive selection it is known that Kolyadenko wants to apply for the competition and even chose the song “Lyuba-Lyuba”. Their participation, he argued that he wanted to avenge his son Phil, who last year in the group KADNAY participated in the competition and more do not want.

Two years, the group “stormed” the competition, but attempts to get until failed.

Recall, there was a video of the adventures of the winner of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev.

As he wrote Politeka, because of the scandal in Israel made the decision to postpone the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

Also Politeka wrote that the winner of Eurovision 2017 Salvador Sobral has released a new clip.

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