Ukrainian original masked a charging for electric vehicles

Украинец оригинально замаскировал зарядку для электромобиля

All ingenious is simple.

Often the Ukrainians who live in high-rise buildings and have the electric cars need to charge their cars, “through the window”. It is quite uncomfortable, so one of the EV owners decided to solve the issue. In the end, get what you can see in these photos, reports the with reference on the center.

Savvy motorist mounted charging on a tree near the road, and to protect it from external influences shaped it sort of birdhouse. And bad weather will save, and perhaps from vandals.

By the way, on the pictures, one charged not one hundred percent electric car and the hybrid Chevrolet Volt. And it has a LPG – note the “socket” in the rear bumper. The last time such a car is fashionable in our area to transfer to the gas.

Украинец оригинально замаскировал зарядку для электромобиля

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