Ukrainian model has filed a lawsuit against the Miss world contest

Украинская модель подала в суд на конкурс  Мисс мира

Ukrainian model has filed a lawsuit against the contest “Miss world”
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Veronica Dedusenko became “Miss Ukraine” in 2018, but it was deprived of the title because of motherhood.

24-year-old model Veronica Dedusenko that in 2018 deprived the crown of “Miss Ukraine” because of motherhood, has filed a lawsuit against the pageant. The rules forbid the girls to participate who have children.

Veronica, which grows five year old son, decided to challenge it in court, reports “air force Ukraine”. It interesting is the lawyer of human rights Ravi Naik, who claims that in accordance with the equality Act 2010 selection policy for the contest is discriminatory.

– I want to change them, to challenge. I want to make sure that the rules of the “Miss World” change over time… I want to make them more suitable to the present to reflect the reality of modern women that can perfectly balance their career and personal life – she told radio 1 Newsbeat.

According to the girl, she participated in the contest “Miss Ukraine”, in order to develop our own charity project, and was surprised when it was recognized as a winner.

– For me that was humiliating and insulting… I felt so bad, because it’s not just my story, this is the story of thousands of women around the world who may want to participate but do not have the opportunity because they are mothers, commented the former winner of “Miss Ukraine” the deprivation of the crown.

Veronica admits that he saw the rules in the application form. It says that, among other things, are not allowed contestants who were or are married, or have children.

The President and the Executive Director of the organization “Miss World” Julia Morley in an interview in 2018 asked about this rule.

– When you try to force the world body to agree, you have to pay attention to each, and they vote for what is acceptable… If you can understand: we don’t just have their own beliefs, we need to consider the beliefs of others. So what we’re trying to do is to keep the balance, she said Good Morning Britain.

And in 2014, the Director of the contest “Miss England” Angie Beasley said that winners will be hard to allocate your attention between this role and being a mom.

– It is equally unfair to the child and his family – to take mother for a year while she travels the globe, helping the charity programs for children, she said ITV.

Ukrainian Veronica believes that her son “good boy,” and the reason for this is that he traveled around the world with her during her career.

– He saw so many countries at my age. From my point of view, it is much more developed than the other children. So the argument of “Miss World” in which they worried about the welfare of children… For me this is absolute nonsense, – said the girl.

By the way, Dedusenko is going to marry Gennady Hen, who worked as a freelance Advisor to the head of the presidential Administration, Igor Rainin. He publicly defended her after being bullied.


The contest “Miss Ukraine” has changed the conditions of participation

However, they do not relate to the scandal involving

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