Ukrainian journalist predicted the fate of the Russian Federation after the death of Putin

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 Ukrainian journalist predicted the fate of Russia after Putin's death

Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Dmitry Gordon in his interview to Vasily Golovanov on the YouTube channel “Ukraine 24” gave a forecast for the fate of Russia after the death of President Vladimir Putin.

"Transnistria– these are Moldova, Abkhazia and South Ossetia – this is Georgia. As soon as this bastard (Putin – ed.) will not be in the Kremlin for various reasons – they can be different, – then everything will return to normal and Russia will come to an end as a state. I am absolutely sure of this, & ndash; he said.

According to Gordon, Russia – it is a country built for evil that “can't hold on”:

“This cement doesn't last long – it will definitely crumble. Therefore, I think that Georgia will wait in the wings, and Moldova will definitely.

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