Ukrainian Internet users were amused by the fresh videopedia on “Sherlock Holmes”

A moment for laughter.

Comedians introduced who would be able to solve the murder of the detective In the new issue of the “League of laughter” showed a parody of the movies about the detective Sherlock Holmes, wrote the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

The command number “Zagoretsky” participated well-known presenter and mentor program Yuri Gorbunov. Video posted to YouTube, has gained more than 100 thousand hits and rave reviews.

In the interpretation of comedians “Sherlock Holmes” became “cher Looms”. Appeared on the scene very strange for a detective story characters. “I am head detective. – Sherlock Holmes? – Agatha Christie”. “I’m a dog. – The Dog Of The Baskervilles? – No, just a dog, why do you complicate? – Why dressed as a Fox? Well, on the second as you will get. Was the costume or dog or Sherlock Holmes. — And you got a costume of Fox? – Yes.”

This is interesting: the Russians stole from shops, 100 chocolate bars and ate them all

“Who is that? – And it is killer! – The intrigue! – No, that would be a killer style.” “And I the Gypsy Baron in a production of Sherlock Holmes? Yes. Murder, murder! Sherlock Holmes killed. – And then who will investigate? – Gypsy Baron!” Hero Gorbunova taken for investigation of murder, in that time, the victim escapes from the scene to be photographed with Zelensky.

This is interesting: Alcohol is Holy water: in South Africa, the Church came “drinking”

“He’s still warm, what does that mean? – He lay in the sun? What killed him, and he had a fever?” – offer their own versions of the participants of the miniatures. Interesting interchange made a parody of the hit network. Users in the comments saying that the team was given a great room and deserve to play in the final.

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“You are so charismatic!”, “Just trash”, “did the Right thing got them to the finals. They broke up everyone, I’ll reconsider for two weeks”, “You rock!” – write fans.

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