Ukrainian designers showed the project base on the moon

Українські конструктори показали проєкт бази на Місяці

The project bases on the moon from the Ukrainians

The design Bureau “South” has created the concept of the research base on the moon in an angle of 360 degrees. It’s really worth to see!

Ukrainian Design Bureau “southern” them. M. K. Yangelya” at the international Symposium Moon Village in Tokyo presented its conceptual project industrial-research base of the BC “South” on the moon. As employees of state-owned enterprises shared frame in 360 degree on the official site on the social network Facebook.

“The moon the only natural satellite of the planet Earth. The second brightest object in earth’s sky after the Sun and the fifth largest satellite of the Solar system planets. Today is the first and only extraterrestrial object of natural origin, which visited the people. The average distance between the centers of the Earth and the moon 384 400 km. invite you to join us to overcome this huge distance, and very close to the surface of the moon”, – stated in the message.

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