Ukrainian Christmas songs for your perfect winter holidays 2020

Українські новорічні пісні для ваших ідеальних зимових свят 2020

Listen to popular Christmas songs 2020

Christmas songs in the Ukrainian language will give you a festive mood and provide a cozy atmosphere in your homes. Listen and sing Ukrainian hits with us!

The new 2020 is just around the corner, so it’s time to take care of festive playlist for a perfect mood. It is clear that without Frank Sinatra will not do, and we have their modern Ukrainian Christmas songs that are worthy of attention.

Radio MAXIMUM prepared for you a small gift – the best Christmas songs in Ukrainian. Listen online holiday music you can in our collection. Let’s go!

Playlist songs in Ukrainian for the New year 2020:

Jingle Bells on the Ukrainian – Select Kobzar

The most famous Christmas song of America sung in the Ukrainian language, that will only make her prettier. So, “Select Kobzar” introduced its version of “Jingle Bells”, which immediately captivated network. The author of the words of Christmas songs has become a poet Oksana Borovets. It turned out very colorful, let’s sing together!

All day Zen-Zeleni
Jingle all the way.
Christmas lights
Fabulous shimmer. Hey!

“Jingle Bells Ukrainian” performed “Silastic kobzars” – watch the clip online:

The old year leaves – DZIDZIO

Christmas clip on a well known Ukrainian Christmas Carol “the Old year passes” from the group DZIDZIO you just have to see again! The musicians are convinced that New year and Christmas holidays should be carried out only in the family circle, therefore, they found that holidays should not do to you, God forbid, did not visit DZIDZIO-a nurse.

“The old year passes” performed by DZIDZIO – watch the clip online:

New year – Kate Boyko

This relatively new song by a young singer has already become an undeniable hit. It sounds every Christmas holiday, so be sure to decorate your.

“New year fun sustran
In the New year will be happy
Cheers, we will be rich…”

The night Christmas – Iryna Bilyk

Bilyk is a real champion of the winter tracks. To its credit, there are many holiday songs, but we like this. After all, “new year’s eve – all unusual”!

New year! – Mad Heads XL

“Holiday, where are you, come to the threshold! The whole planet is waiting for the New year!”. Remember this tune? The cheerful Ukrainian Christmas music is exactly what will make you dance without a gram of alcohol! The song “New year!” in the style of ska-punk from the band Mad Heads XL and animation clip on it just to appeal to you heart, and you will not be able to stop.

“New year” performed by Mad Heads XL watch the clip online:

And the New Year – Scriabin

Soulful Christmas song from the inimitable Andrei Kuzmenko. The musician assures us that the New year all dreams come true, and we willingly believe it.

“And the New Year” performed by Skryabin – listen online:

Christmas – Antibodies

Another holiday song titled “Christmas” from the Ukrainian group “Antibodies”. Promise that it will definitely add to your Christmas playlist, and will be one of the attributes of a good mood as the smell of Mandarin ducks or miracle, which sings Taras Poplar.

“Christmas” by a group of Antibodies – listen online:

Christmas Tink – From The Screw

Group Screw presented a fun and energetic version of “Jingle Bells”, called “New ring.” How was your past year? Honest work, or trash, more evil, or good?.. – interested musicians.

Christmas tink performed From VNT – watch the clip online:

New year – TICK

“What did not happen, will certainly happen in the new year night” – sings Victor bronyuk and To. A touching song about the New year of the TICK gives you a tale. And remember that the holidays should be spent in a circle of friends, because with friends is better celebrated”.

“New year” performed by the band TIK – listen online:

A New Year Instant – Mandry

Simple and fun Christmas song from the group “Mandry” about “girls and boys on a sled” is the perfect backdrop for warm conversations with friends.

“The new year” performed by the band “Mandry” – watch the clip online:

Happy New year and merry Christmas – Scriabin

Finally the song from old Kuzma. Let the tears, sickness and troubles remain in the old year and the New year 2018 will give you hope and welcome!

“Happy New year and merry Christmas” performed by Skryabin – listen online:

To your attention a selection of the best Ukrainian songs at NR:

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