Ukrainian athletes gave fantastic results on the world stage: “get rich”

Украинские легкоатлетки выдали фантастические результаты на мировой арене: «озолотились»

Sportswomen of the national team of Ukraine on track and field athletics have shown great results in international competitions in France

Ukrainka was able to win three gold and one silver medal in four different disciplines.

The most distinguished Yulia Levchenko, who also set his new personal record.

Украинские легкоатлетки выдали фантастические результаты на мировой арене: «озолотились»

The best results Ukrainka showed in the women’s 400 meters, long jump and high jump.

The first gold was mined Tatiana Melnik, running a distance of 400 meters in 52,87 seconds. In addition, the three leaders finished another Ukrainian Anna Yaroshchuk-Ryzhikov, who ran third.

The furthest in the competition jumped Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, showing an impressive score of 6.60 meters.

Closes Golden three gorgeous Yulia Levchenko. Kiev, the athlete could jump to a height of two meters, than got our team and set your personal record.

At these events a fraction of a second shy of the fourth of gold. In the race with obstacles at 60 meters Ukrainian Anna of Plotitsina finished second behind only 0,01 second opponent from Belarus.

Earlier we wrote that Ukrainian women’s team tennis uncompromising victory in the final stage of the tournament the First group of Euro-African zone of the Federation Cup, but still could not become the winner of the Polish championship. In the final match Ukraine in the dry beat the national team of Estonia.

The third day of the Polish tournament gave our team a second victory and a chance to reach the playoffs of the competition. However, this possibility negated the unconditional leader of team Sweden, which scored three victories, winning another match in Bulgaria.

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Украинские легкоатлетки выдали фантастические результаты на мировой арене: «озолотились»

The first fight with Estonia were opened by the Ukrainian Martha Kostiuk and her opponent Saara Orav. Less than an hour 18-year-old Kostiuk brought the first victory to his team after beating the gam with the score 6:3, 6:0.

Devastating defeat suffered by the Estonian tennis player in the battle with Kateryna Kozlova. The duel lasted for some 35 minutes and ended with a dry victory Ukrainka – 6:0, 6:0.

In the third fight Nadezhda Kichenok and Kateryna Kozlova has won Gorlac Valeria and Elena Malygina 6:1, 6:0.

Ukraine – Estonia 3:0.

However, ahead of Sweden beat Bulgaria and became the undisputed leader of the subgroup with three wins. The Swede will lead the fight for a ticket to the playoffs with pobeditelnitsa subgroups And Russia.

The national team of Ukraine took the second place, Bulgaria the third and Estonia fourth.

Recall that the family of the Ukrainian tennis player was a terrible incident.

As reported Politeka, Young Ukrainian tennis player has made an incredible rise in the world rankings: a personal record.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian tennis player shared a touching story about her rival: “Shouting together with her.”

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