Ukraine will change the rules of cash banks

В Украине изменятся правила выдачи наличных банками

NBU changed the rules of the introduction of cash transactions for Ukrainian banks.

From June 3 comes into force a decision of the National Bank of Ukraine, which change the rules of the introduction of cash transaction for Ukrainian banks, reported the online edition of the with reference to

Under the new rules, banks are issuing cash may require supporting documents on the basis of which is cash settlement.

“You should pay attention that banks in the study of the client and deliver supporting documents must apply a risk-based approach. That is, first a risk assessment is conducted of the client, based on the analysis of certain criteria, and then the banks can take appropriate measures of supervision”, — said the lawyers.

Banks may require the following documents:

  • procurement act;
  • the procurement documentation;
  • the tax calculating the amounts of income paid to individuals and amounts of tax withheld from them, the credit agreement;
  • supply contract;
  • the contract of transportation;
  • the contract of storage;
  • other accounting documents.

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Strengthening supervision of lawyers associated with the identification of the NBU numerous facts of risk (circuit) operations, using cash.

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